Dean's Message

Dear Students,


Food supply for nutrition has been one of the most unchanging needs of human beings throughout history. For this reason, agricultural production is one of the indispensable fields of activity for people. Especially today, agricultural technologies have reached to the most advanced level in history with the reflections of the technological developments that took place in various industrial fields in the last two centuries. However, depending on the activities in various industrial fields, the increase of the human population and hence the residential areas, as well as the air, water and soil pollution causes the available agricultural areas to decrease every year. In the century we live in, the tendency towards environmentally friendly production techniques in modern agriculture is increasing in order to produce healthy foods and to make agriculture sustainable when aforementioned subjects are taken into consideration. In this age in which information and energy has become a force on a global scale, agriculture has become a sector where well-educated, up-to-date information and technology-based, international communication skills become successful. As Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences of Konya Food and Agriculture University, we take training professionals with these qualifications in our country as among our most important missions.


Our faculty, located within the first specialized university in Turkey related to agriculture, has capital importance in the production of agricultural products and raw material production to the food industry. Therefore, it is the focal point of Konya Food and Agriculture University. In our faculty, the planning of all the processes from production to consumption and the studies on the application of modern technologies are carried out in a multidisciplinary way. Regarding education, the departments of Plant Production and Technologies and Molecular Biology and Genetics include not only vocational education but also education in related social areas. Also, thanks to T-type education model, which is completely in English, our students get an education in order to think analytically, approach problems in a solution-oriented way, know how to reach information and adopt the skills like working in a team and developed communication skills. Our faculty provides the opportunity to use contemporary technology in our new modern building, completed in 2017-2018 academic year, which includes student laboratories, modern laboratory equipment, computer-assisted classrooms and R & D laboratories which our faculty members use in their researches, as well as in fields and greenhouses for experiments and student applications.


We invite those who wish to have a unique agricultural education experience in the agro-industrial enterprises of Anadolu Birlik Holding in cooperation with our University and those who wish to study agriculture in Konya, the capital of agriculture in our country, to join the family of the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences.


Prof. Dr. H. Özkan SIVRITEPE